Coming soon

what am I up to now?

Contrary to what this might look like, I have not gone insane (yet) – I’m working on some stuff I hope to share soon, but couldn’t stop myself from showing this teaser picture.

Social Play Technologies

FWF-funded team project led by Dr. Christopher Frauenberger, in cooperation with Viennese schools.

Participatorily designing 3 digital playthings with 3 neurodiverse groups of children.

1070 Unseen – Signals from Offstage

Award-winning team project in cooperation with Caritas Wien Heimhilfe.

Social design project bringing housebound voices from Vienna’s 7th district into conversation with visitors at the Vienna Design Week in an audio installation with a postbox.

Healthcare Now?

Diploma Project.

Design research project and a resulting series of speculative artefacts and videos exploring individual stories from a possible near future of healthcare in Austria, asking questions without answers about responsibility and agency.