Healthcare Now

What will the Austrian healthcare system of the future look like?

Financial pressure on social healthcare systems rises with growing population and an increasingly competitive economy.
Efficiency is pushed to new limits by currently ongoing reforms to the medical system, resulting in changing social structures
and the introduction of new technologies. Amid the turmoil, doctors and patients struggle to maintain a personal relationship.

Besides the unusal privatization issues, Austria is facing an increasing number of problems with its medical
infrastructure. A new call center is in discussion, a health literacy campaign has started,  an online electronic
patient database is being tested, and primary healthcare centers are soon to be implemented countrywide.

Where will the optimization and standardization end? What will happen to our medical data? How far will we
go to ensure financially independent and affordable medical care for everybody? A series of videos illustrates
three possibilities and consequences of the future we might be building right now, questioning our choices.
Are we making the right decisions? If not, how could we change our course towards a more desirable future?